dear black women.

Afrikan Unapologetically addresses inner healing and the need to actively work towards self actualization.  The letters address our pain, needs, concerns and desire to transform our lives. Tackling topics such as womanhood, money, relationships, service, shame, joy, gratitude, spirituality, the path of love and more, Ekundayo offers numerous strategies for inner-healing. Self realization is a revolutionary act.
The construct of cultural misorientation is a type of functioning in African people that involves thinking, feeling and acting according to Eurocentric assumptions, values, beliefs and attitudes (Kambon, 2012). This self help book identifies the ways our reality is defined and shaped by the dominant culture. Before we can effectively become activists, teachers, healers, wives, mothers etc., we have to innerstand who we are as Afrikan people, embrace it unapologetically, recognize threats against it, and protect it.  ​​​​​​​​

Afrikan Unapologetically is about becoming. It is about redefining your experience as an Afrikan woman no matter where you are in the world. It is about self love, self acceptance and self healing. It is about remembering that our potential is unlimited. It is about addressing your self as a multidimensional being and honoring your wholeness.  

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