Numerology: Do You Know Your Personal Cycle for 2019?
Sunday, December 30, 2018

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  1. Soulcare Series: Intention Setting
    16 Jan, 2019
    Soulcare Series: Intention Setting
    The beginning of the year is typically time of the year when people take the time to reevaluate how they spend the next few months to a year. Many decide to change the way they eat or lose weight or travel more and honestly, any goal is a great goal to have. A goal allows us to practice working towards change we wish to see in ourselves and the world around us. In a time when many of our choices can be predetermined from the advertisements we see, to the opportunities afforded to us, setting
  2. Soulcare Series: Setting Boundaries
    16 Jan, 2019
    Soulcare Series: Setting Boundaries
    What exactly are boundaries? Boundaries are guidelines that set the tone for the standard of treatment a person accepts from others and themselves. Healthy boundaries are created to address and protect the whole person; they can relate to your beliefs, material possessions, values and opinions, personal space, privacy, and emotional responsibility. They provide a separation between who we are, what we think and feel, and the thoughts and feelings of those around us. There may be instances
  3. 6 Reasons You Are Seeing 11:11
    14 Jan, 2019
    6 Reasons You Are Seeing 11:11
    6 Reasons You Are Seeing 11:11   Numbers are the universal language of the universe. Number are physical manifestations. If you’ve been seeing the numeric sequence 1111, here’s what it may mean for you. Illusions/Gliche in the Matrix The universe is built on 0 and 1. So, to see 1111 is to see a gliche in the matrix. Within the number sequence 01, there is a hidden science of creation. The “0” represents everything and nothing all at once. It is the all inclusive cipher; the womb. The “1”